Attachment Icon missing.

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I am an organizer in a meeting which I created.

The file attachment Icon has suddenly disappeared, it was there yesterday.

It is showing in other chats, but not the one I organized.

Please help.

Thank you


@adam deltinger . Can you please help?

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I've found the quickest way to get the attachment option/functionality back is to double click the individual on the left sidebar to open the chat in a pop-up window. The attachment icon appears there and will then be back on the main page. Huge pain in the butt when this happens.

Thank you so much for this.
Unfortunately this doesn't work for me, I still don't get an 'Attach File' icon!? Got to ask yourself in what possible situation did Microsoft ever foresee the attach file function not ever being needed!? You can't even just drag or drop files to the chat! CRAZY! Or maybe they just removed the function for Mac users to be as difficult as usual in some twisted mindset to try and force people over to PC

@JAB-CS I noticed this as well. I could see the attachment icon if I selected an individual, but no icon near the comment box. I did, however, see that there is a "Files" link at the top of the page, near the name of the meeting, and could upload files there. 



I have this same issue.


I'm the owner of a meeting series and have been sharing meeting minutes via the Files tab for the attendees since last July.  The last successful upload was last Thursday (19/01/2023).  So it was working then. 


Today, I attempted to do the same and no longer have the option to upload files.