Attached Images in Teams don't Show up when clicked on it

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I have this broken link error image when using MS Teams App in Windows 10. A right click usually enlarges the image, and it was working this way until last week. Today it shows the images as part of the conversations, but when right clicking on them, it only shows a broken link image.

I have done some suggestions from other similar threads here, i.e. sign out and in, cache clearing, but no luck.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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@ferthelet did you find a resolution to this?  I have just started experiencing this myself.


Same issue here, curious to know if you have found the root cause and/or solution.

any news on this? Starting to feel the same issues..

@avi185I have also started experiencing this over the past two weeks or so.  Have updated, and everything seems current.  I am using the desktop client, not a browser.

I resolved this by re-installing.

@fertheletI've seen this issue recently. Quitting teams and restarting appears to work. Others have reported that disabling GPU acceleration also fixes it, but that requires an application restart, which is what really fixes the problem :)

After 11 months, still happening here. Anyone found a solution?

@fabiobarreiro I just had this happen to me.  I went into settings and checked the box for "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" and then exited Teams.  Upon re-launch the attached photo opened up just fine. Have you tried that yet?

@ScottBaldwinin my tests, the restart of the app is the key i.e. Right click on taskbar -> quit Teams then then open it again.

After restart the images work, regardless of disabling GPU acceleration or not :)

This works sometimes - but we shouldn't need to restart the app - especially if we are in the middle of a Teams meeting.

The application restart fixes it temporarily, but it will eventually quit displaying the image again. At least that has been my experience.

@Luckstar The issue is still present (even after month, already have a new laptop and still it is not fixed).

Restarting teams helps for the first click on the image. But when clicking again, the same bug happens again.

This is not a problem in teams via browser, just in the teams app.

@ferthelet : I have the same issue, but the way I generally solve the issue instead of restarting Teams as several have suggested is to just click into a different chat session and then come back to the original chat with the image and click it again. This almost always solves the problem for me. It's a pain to have to do this, and it makes me think that it has something to do with caching the image. The first click downloads the full image and tries to load it. When this doesn't work and you click away into a different chat and then come back, the image is then cached from the previous time and works fine the second time. Just my thoughts, but either way, it's something that Microsoft needs to fix.