Association between Team and SharePoint groups broken

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A SPO site gets the three internal Owners, Members, Visitors  groups and by adding/removing users from a Team, they get updated in the owners/members groups.   I have a Team where this is not happening, therefore users have no rights to files and are requesting access which adds them to the library individually.

Need suggestions on how to fix the association between a Team role and the SPO groups.

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@Grant_Reid The easiest way is to go to the SPO site permissions and adjust the permission levels.




Christian's post sent me in the right direction...

Via the "advanced permissions" option - the internal SPO group "members" had been removed from the "Site members", so new members added to the Team were getting no perms.  Somebody had been adding each user individually.. 

Stripped all them out and re-added the "members" group.. Access granted