Assignments review and return


I do like the way assignments are handled in the most part by Teams. 


Posting a grade or comment seems to end the assignment for the student. 


I have not worked out if it is possible to hand back a piece of work after a comment or grade has been posted. (eg a teacher accidentally posts a comment or grade and then wants the student to do further work on the task).


Has anyone noticed how this could be done?

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I'd love to know the same. We've had a student turn in an assignment by mistake and needs to complete it. How can the assignments be returned to the students?

I have the same question. Just started in Teams today and don't want to post until I find out the answer to this question. Will students be able to go back and change anything once I hit Post?




I have exactly the same question, I'm trying to promote Teams over G-Suite and being able to return a marked piece of work is a big feature that I would like to know how to do ?

I don't think that these options have been implemented yet.


This mornign I tried out assignments with some guest students and I found quite a few issues on the way. The base idea of assignments seems to be there but there is still quite a bit that needs improving.

Have you figured out how students can see comments? At the present moment, neither my students nor I can figure out how students can see the feedback left for them. I flumoxed!
Assignments seem geared to no feedback and I am not currently recommending to any of my Teachers.
It is only possible to give feedback in Teams on the original document provided the work has never been turned in. Once a turnin has been done feedback on the document appears to be no longer possible.
I am not sure if this thread is monitored but the review process is significantly flawed.

Solution Found: It is not built into Teams but makes it possible for feedback to be viewed after turning in.
When a student works on an assignment that has been allocated by the teacher, the teacher can see the working file. If the student add files, the teacher can not see the file until the assignment has been turned in. At that time a copy of the working file is left in the student area and the teacher can see and review the turned in file. However the student can not see (easily) the turned in file.

Solution - make both easier to see.
Teams creates a Document Library called Student Work which contains Working files and Submitted files. The solution is to add a tab to a sharepoint link that points to the Student Work folder. Teachers can then see everything that is being done on the Working files and provide feedback on the copied submitted files.  It looks like it will actually work quite well. It may even be better than students navigating through assignments as they can add material in the working files area. The only thing missing is detail about the assignment and the ability to Turnin.StudentWork.PNG

I am beginning to do Professional Development over the next couple of weeks with staff in my school and have been wondering what to tell them about assignments. I have been waiting to see if there are an planned improvements. My conclusion at the moment is that assignments would be better named exams. An exam is something that you as a teacher does not see as you are completing it and can give you no guidance on until you hand it in. Once a student hands a piece of work in, they do not see it again. (They can of course hand another piece of work in, but there is no return to student option).

A teacher review can be done and grades allocated, but the student can not see the version that was turned in. There is no option for the teacher to make digital comment on the document that is turned in that the student can see. My advice for teachers that want to use Assessment for Learning practices (which is most of them)  - don't use assignments. (because they are exams@Suphatra Rufo


I do have an alternative for them, that is to create a document library with content approval switched on. - this works significantly better than assignments. 

My alternative has been to use the Class Notebook. We have Aeries tied to it, so I can make an assignment through OneNote and it populates into each student's notebook and in Aeries. I can view the student's work in their notebook and write comments there and grade (if I so desire) from there as well through the Aeries link. I know that quite a few LMS can be mapped into OneNote. It's much easier and flexible. No double grade entry either. I've been teaching my staff to use this and a few are and like how it's working.

We hve decided to settle on not using Microsoft Teams Assignments at all.


I do recommend to staff that the Class Notebook provides powerful sharing and review capabilities.

For subjects requiring multiple file uploads, assignments just does not work well for review. Consequently we are teaching staff how to create their own assignment dcoument library utilising content approval.


A shame about assignments as it did have promise.

Its quite frustrating as I would like to use Teams in place of G-Classroom (for the annoying way the other converts documents to their format). Once I hit 'Post' I cannot undo it, and students cannot edit their submission. EDIT: Fixed - Student Hands In and can only add or edit if Teacher returns.


I'd also like to be able to post back results for individuals, as I have one class with a student being granted extensions and I cannot post back to the group until he has had his work marked also. EDIT: Fixed - you can now also post back to individuals.


Then I would like to be able to attach files as feedback, and perhaps have declarations electronically signed.


Finally, it would be useful it the grading could be setup as criteria driven for vocational courses - but I don't see this ever being implemented. I have been looking at a 3rd Party Office365 plugin (but never used it) ....TeacherDashboard365. Anyone have any experience of it?

Hi Grant. We added a feature a couple months ago that enables teachers to return work to students so students can continue to work on their assignments. This cycle can occur over and over again with the educator providing feedback with each iteration. And, with each iteration the student and teacher are operating on the same file(s). I hope this helps.

We need to get this sorted out. Before, the student could edit their files in Student work > Working files. When handing in, a copy of the document was created in Student work > Submitted files. This was the file that the teacher gave feedback on, and the student did not have permission to edit it.


Now, with the return feature, it seems like the student has editing access to the submitted file as well. How does that work? Is it only until deadline? It seems strange that the student may edit the file that they have handed in, at the very same time as the teacher reads it. It could also create a mess that there are multiple versions of the file that the student may edit. What if the student makes different changes to different versions (by purpose or mistake)?

I would be very thankful for an explanation of how this works, since I have not found any documentation describing the features in detail, and the confusion seems to be quite spread among Teams users I have been talking to. It is really great that there now is a return feature, but nobody seems to know exactly how it works. Please enlighten us!

@Grant Saul   I saw your comments:

I do have an alternative for them, that is to create a document library with content approval switched on. - this works significantly better than assignments.   

How do you do this?


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Hi everyone, this topic is a bit dated and Assignments has changed functionality quite a bit since the OP. 


You can find a full support documentation on how the turn in and return flow works in Teams Assignments here:


You can also view a short video on this as well:


@rosem41 - I would not recommend going directly to the document libraries... you will miss out on all of the feedback and review tools that Assignments has built-in.


Let me know if anyone has any additional questions!

Agreed that assignments functionality is very good.

I only ever use the doc library for large file submissions. Particularly for video and art portfolios where the 50Mb assignment limit is insufficient.

@Justin Chando 

I am trying to figure out if my students can access/edit the Word document that they have submitted as I am reviewing it. My students have turned in their research papers in Word and I am able to edit in the browser, track changes and leave notes but I am not sure if they can see my work in progress and the rubric before I hit the "Return". I would prefer it if my students all see the feedback on the same day rather than as I mark them. I would also like the chance to proofread/edit my review of their work before they see it. I realize that I could download and then upload but I am curious about how it works when I review right in the browser. Thank you in advance. 

When assignments are graded and returned I believe they are not receiving notifications. I have tried to ask them what their settings and notifications are set at, however they are not off, so not sure why not on their activity feed. Will it matter if I am using an internet app rather than the desktop app? Will it matter if all I have given is a grade without any other feedback? Do I need to mention them i.e. add @ then their name for them to be notified (I know it's not on the youtube clips, but I'm running out of ideas)?