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I am a teacher and have set a number of assignments in Teams already. One that the pupils are currently working on is a long-term (about 6 weeks) project. I have had a look at their work frequently to see how they are getting on and I noticed the option to 'View History'. I was hoping this might give some insight into when it had been accessed or even (as in the case of OneDrive) give me the option to view previous versions. However, all I get is when it was assigned and one random date that the assignment has been viewed.

Is this how it works or is there a bug in our system? It would be really useful to be able to track access by the pupils and to see how much has been completed at the various access times.

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@Liz_Eves Hello Liz, I'm afraid I can't answer your question as I'm not familiar with Teams for education. But I know there are some really good support pages around. I'm attaching a link in case you haven't been there.

Education - Microsoft Teams - Assignments 


Hope it helps!

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Hi @Liz_Eves,
We are adding capabilities to "View History" in Assignments to show more details such all instances when the assignment was turned-in, graded in addition to the 1st viewed, assigned dates.
While we don't have the ability to track OneDrive access, I do want to point you to the "Insights" app that was built for providing teachers more detailed insights into student activities including Assignments.

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