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Can anyone tell me if the Assignments app bot function is supposed to do anything? Any time I type a message to the bot it doesn't respond. I'm not sure if that is intentional or not.

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Hi Michael


Are you able to show a screen shot of which app you are talking about? I can't identify which app you are referring to!




Not sure, but I believe the only thing the assignments bot in Teams for EDU does at this time, is notify students of new assignments.

Here is the Assignments bot chat screen.

This is for an EDU tenant.

Hi Michael

I don't have access to the bot, but the Terms of use or About tab might hopefully shed some light on what the bot is meant to do.

It may be as Magnus said which is really to push basic notifications out to students.

Hopefully someone else here may know the exact answer.

Best wishes with your Teams journey!

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Hi there. The Assignment bot is a companion to the Assignment feature (app) in Teams. The bot notifies students (within Teams) when new assignments are created. We'll be adding capabilities to the bot in the future to remind students about upcoming assignments and to notify students when assignments change. 

@Jim Federico 

OK, the assignment bot shows the assignments in Microsoft Teams. But it does not show if the assignment (lets say it is a task) is already done. If the student has done his job and e.g. uploaded the requested file the assignment overview should show "done" or sth. like that.

@Liamlover I am a student and I wanna use assignments.