Assignment Posted in Team not showing up in Assignment’s tab

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We have a user who has created an assignment on Teams and has posted it to a specific channel (not General) of that Team. We can see the assignment posted in that channel and can see it in the master assignments list, but it is missing from the assignments tab of that specific Team. Does anyone know why?


This Team has other assignments assigned in the same way and they can be seen in all three places places. I can also see that Teams has made the normal Site Contents (student work files) on SharePoint.


We have experienced the issue on Mac/Pc using both the Desktop app and browser.


The one weird thing I can see about this assignment is that the user has managed to assign it to one of the other Owners of the Team. I did not know that this could be done. It is possible that the permissions where wrong and since creating the assignment the other educator has had their roles changed from student to owner.

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I am having this problem too. My assignments are showing up in the actual Channel assigned too but not showing up in the Assignment Tab up the top. would love a fix for this.