Assigning Tags to Teams Devices

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Is there a way to assign Tags in Teams Devices that doesn't involve manually adding it to each device?

An example is if a company has 2500 Teams phones and wants to assign Tags to the devices for sorting, scheduling updates, etc. by building and floor number (which the Tags would reflect).  There are several buildings and floors equaling 54 different tags.

If not a way, then since the Device name gets exported during the export, why can't an import or powershell with .csv be given for the same thing just to assign the Tags.

Manually adding the Tags in TAC is tedious and time consuming.

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@DayneJake Not currently. The ability to see devices and their tags recently showed up in the graph api, but its read only. I imagine it will gain editing and add a powershell interface eventually.


Is it worth tagging phones, what will you use that tagging for, surely they will all have the same config.

The main reason I have been given by a client is that they want to roll out the updates in a controlled manner. They don't want to wait for the random times in the TAC. They also want to be able to select them in groups for updating and scheduling. They don't want to do a mass update to all the devices at once, and don't want to have to hunt and peck user accounts in the TAC. It doesn't even let them sort by username or device.
Companies that have large numbers of devices need a good way to control the updates. Especially when there a re fixes in new updates affecting the entire company.

@DayneJake To play devil's advocate, so they want to risk having an incident with all the phones on one floor at the same time? And when they replace phones they want to have to update the tags etc. as they'll drift pretty quickly otherwise.


Do they not give out different ip's for each floor so they can select them that way?


Anyway, as before, I'm not aware of any current ways to assign tags either individually or multi-select in the teams admin centre. You may want to look to see if the handset manufacturer has their own management platform.

Is there any way to remove a certain device tag the same way as to assign it to many phones at once?