Assigning custom Teams polices for all users

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Hi All, 


I have set up a couple of custom polices for one the clients. 


It includes

  • Custom Meeting Polices   
  • Custom Live Event Polices   
  • Custom Messaging Polices
  • Custom App Polices

The Custom policies for internal users (M365 License users) and one policy for externals users (guest access). 


Question: Which is best way to apply custom polices for 600 internal users (M365 License users) 


  1. Does assign Teams policies by group 
  2. use PowerShell as batch process, New-CsBatchPolicyAssignmentOperation 

Please advice.

@Tony Redmond @ChristianBergstrom @Juan Carlos González Martín 



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If you have already the users in Groups, I would go to assign the policies to Groups bearing in mind the precedence mechanism that Teams uses when policies are assigned: On the other hand, assigning policies through Groups does not mean you cannot use PowerShell for that assignment, in did you can use it

Thank you so much @Juan Carlos González Martín for your super quick reply.  

Thanks for highlighting the precedence mechanism.  

I am always happy to answer a question I am mentioned in after the questioner has searched to see if I have written about the topic. In this case, you could search for "teams bulk assignment tony Redmond" and then ask if you don't understand something I said.
I noticed you @mentioned my previous account. For the record you cannot assign Teams policies to guest users. You can only configure the Org-wide -> Guest access settings. You can determine how meetings deal with anonymous or external users, for example, but not assign the policies directly to the external users. It's simply not supported.

You are just wonderful @Tony Redmond 

Can I say you are Mr Teams!! :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: have covered everything in Teams for Teams Admin ...


Oh Thank you  @ChristianJBergstrom


I was not aware we cant have custom policy for Guest users. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights! :folded_hands: