Assign calling ID to an agent?

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Does anyone have any clue as to the restrictions or method to start using the new feature of allowing agents to make outbound calls using a specific resource account?



I've done some preliminary testing, and I can't find an obvious location for a setting on my profile to select what number to call out as, and all calling I've done (after assigning a different resource account as my calling ID), show as my regular account phone number.

It also seems that it allows call queues with numbers attached but won't populate the field (for the alternate calling ID) if you use auto attendants with phone numbers attached.


Is there a piece I'm missing to designate which ID I call out as? Is there a reason why it isn't accepting auto attendants as the alternate ID?


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this has to be done via PowerShell at the moment.
The documentation can be found here:


Did you ever get anywhere with this? I have a CQ with an AA in front of it and want members in the CQ to be able to call out with the number associated with the AA's resource account. But after adding the AA's resource account in the "Assign Calling ID" section of the CQ configuration it doesn't appear as an option for the CQ members.

From the users client - as you enter the calling details in you will notice the Call button at the bottom has a dropdown option, within here you select whether you want to call as yourself or as the AA