Assign a number to a Teams channel to receive SMS

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100% sure this is not possible native. Any work around ideas?

I have a customer that wants to assign Google Voice numbers to channels on a Team, so when a text comes into that number, the MFA message will come into that channel. Again, natively Teams cannot do this. I have found multiple 3rd party software to send and receive texts in Teams...however the interesting part is the channels. Is it even possible to assign a number to a channel in Admin center...any ideas?

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Hi @YourFavoriteCollabMSTeams555555,

if you have Teams calling in place for this and you assign a phone number to a Teams call queue (via a Teams resource account) which routes the call to a Teams channel will start to play music on hold before anyone can get the call answered.

Some time I ago I wrote and blog post giving an high-level overview on calling in Teams channels: 

Calling gets integrated into channels within Teams in Microsoft Teams –


As of now there is, as you mentioned, no native solution that the SMS is received in a Teams channel with Teams voice capabilities. For this purpose you need a third-party app/services which provides the SMS capabilities and can send it into a Teams channel. 

In this case you should get the phone number from the third-party app/provider, you don't assign the phone number to the channel, you assign it to the "flow" which brings it to the channel to which it should be sent.

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Thank you for the information @Erik365Online. That was helpful. 

I was able to test and confirm using a google voice number and have the text forward to a distribution group (in google voice settings). You could just forward it to the teams channel email address. I can confirm google voice works since I used it today.