As a presenter I can see all participants not only the one who shares camera

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Few days ago it was working good as a presenter I can only see the one who shares camera but now as you can see i can see every participant and I just want to see the one who shares the camera or sometimes two participants share the camera for a live event. Tried to leave the team and restart ms teams and tried to close camera from every one and I couldnt get it.
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Hello @Bu3mra93   You may need to open a support ticket with your administrator or go to for more personalized tech support.

Hey @Bu3mra93 ,


Based on the screenshot it appears like you are using the new teams meeting experience which could be causing the confusion. Try disabling it , via teams client > settings> general > clear "turn on new meeting experience" check box. Restart the teams client, make sure you exit the teams client completely and then relaunch it ( exit via task bar/taskmanager).



No I'm not using it, it is unchecked. I had a meeting few days ago and it was working good and now out of sudden it changed tried it with another partner and we all have the same problem.
Thanks for your answer.

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Will pinning help ? You can just right click on any participant in the meeting and choose to pin, that way you only see the feed from the participant that you pinned. 


Unfortunately it is not a regular meeting. It is a live event and I think Microsoft changed the view settings from everyone the past week.