Are you happy with Teams chat history performance?


As the title asks, how are you folks finding the chat history feature in Teams, in either private/group chats and channels? In my experience, it's terribly slow and it can take significant amount of time to load older messages. There is a very noticeable delay when scrolling to fetch older messages, and it does not correlate to what Microsoft folks claim is being cached locally on the device (30 days or so). Even within a chat I had yesterday, I can have this experience:




Scrolling through history not only results in those "dimmed" placeholders for messages, but also clears the screen completely sometimes. And it's slow, very, very slow. Especially when comparing it with other "high velocity" apps out there, for which even in the browser client I can just pump the pageUp key and watch the historical messages being fetched almost instantaneous (including images and other media). Doing the same in Teams is a receipt for disaster.


To add insult to injury, I can get the same experience when scrolling back down to most recent messages, even the ones I've sent an hour ago! Seriously, how do you explain this:




So we have half of Tony's messages from last night loaded, the other half replaced with the placeholders and my messages from earlier this morning not visible as well. Great design!


So now that I got this out of my chest, how are you folks finding the experience? It's pretty much the same for me in any client, across multiple accounts and multiple tenants. And it's beyond annoying. Every time I have to find a particular bit of a conversation I have to deal with this, and I'm not even touching on the useless search experience we currently have...

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Totally peformance is really horrible and needs to be improved
Same experience as the post exactly. I'm not sure how Teams gets away with such terrible UX in basic use cases like this.