Are there 2 different versions of Teams? One for personal use and one for corporate?


I have corporate account which I use Teams with and when I try to use teams with my personal account I'm present with option to switch like below which provides to website to use teams for personal use


If I go to a website and actually download teams client, shutdown current instance of Teams and install it then I can switch between both accounts (like you can see below)


Executable client looks exactly the same (version and everything). So I have to do every time I have to restart computer or every time Teams updates itself. Are there 2 different versions of client and how I always use personal one (the one which allows switching between accounts)?



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@Gregory Suvalian Hello, yes. You can connect Teams for personal use (personal account) to Teams for work/school by adding it from the menu bar. It's very common to be a guest user in multiple organizations with your personal account and your work account, and switch between the organizations using both of them.


This is what it looks like in the taskbar, 'personal' followed by 'work'. But I rarely enter the former as I keep on switching and in the latter.