Are Attendees in Person or Teams

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As we are transitioning back to the office it will be normal to have meetings where some people will be in a conference room and some will use Teams. When people accept I don't know whether they are planning to be there in person or by Teams. 


Is there a way to add a poll or have some other way to specify how people will attend?


The poll feature in emails would be ideal but that option isn't there when creating a meeting invite.

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What you can do is configure the poll as part of the meeting taking advantage of the possibility to add the poll before the meeting, while the meeting is happening or after the meeting...the three options are possible Today. As an alternative there are ways you can create a poll in outlook:
I didn't realize you could add a poll before a meeting. That could be quite handy. It makes it easier to know how much food to order, if needed, or if you might have more people than the capacity of the room.