Archiving Teams documents to blob storage

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Hi everyone,


we are reaching the included storage and i would like to know if there is an "easy" (not free) solution for this.

One solution would be - paying Microsoft every month for keeping files that are mostly duplicates or videos that no one ever will open up again.

2nd - there is a big solution provider like ShareGate or Avepoint with a tool that can transfer files to "archive" and let people still access it (or an "Archivekeeper")

3rd - changing the mindset of the people (this will actually not shrink the data - but to stop the growth)


Are there any 3rd party tools out there that can help me with this?




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I was hesitant to respond because I didn't want to come off as advertising, but since alternatives are thus far lacking, I thought I'd add some clarification on how AvePoint can help (I appreciate the name drop to begin with, thank you).


Our customers are using our software for a number of scenarios including:

  • Deleting large files that have not been accessed in a long time (both time and size configurable)
  • Archiving videos (specifically helpful with all those Teams Meetings recordings)
  • Implementing human-approval for archives to ensure business context is considered before deletions happen
  • Identifying how much storage each business group is using (useful for a chargeback model)
  • Backing up files prior to deletion, ensuring they are available in an offline context should they become necessary down the road.

I'd be happy to discuss any of these scenarios if they are relevant for your business needs.

It's ok - but my colleague already talked to a technical contact @ Avepoint around April this year.
Our scenario does not fit for one of the tools my colleague said.

The use case that the old team members should be able to access it easily (and even share) for 6+ years seems to be not a "normal" one ;)
I'll review our notes and let you know if I come across anything contrary to what you've heard. Appreciate you giving me feedback, and best of luck with your search!