Archiving/hiding post strings in a channel

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Why can't posts strings be hidden/archived within team channels just like email strings can be archived? Am I missing something? It seems my only alternatives with channel posts are deleting them or leaving them in the channel to clutter up my posting area.


I found the channel posting areas useful for discussing issues with the full team but the lack of an archiving/hiding feature for posts renders it virtually useless...only helpful for announcements but not discussions. I'm not going to have important conversations within the posting area only to have them deleted. I often need to return to conversations in the future.

The only alternative is to set up group discussions with the chat feature, which allows hiding. But why, then, does posting (which is essentially chatting) exist within the channel area in the first place? How can it be useful if my only choices in handling old (but important) posts are deleting them or retaining such that it clutters the post area?  

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Just to clarify, I start my channel posts using the Subject line feature; much like an email. Once discussion on the subject of the post is completed I would like it archived or hidden....not completely deleted.

@ThereseSolimeno thanks for informing me. The author's main request was for an entire channel to be archived. I only request posts be archived (though the author includes that as well, it's not very prominent). Regardless, I voted in favor of the request!

Hi again @timothys2020  There were other similar Uservoice items there so feel free to search UV for something more appropriate to what you're looking for.

One year later, and still relevant.

@ninelam Make that 2 years

I would like to have this feature also, archiving the conversation will be very useful and will help the channel conversation to be used as a task list.


Still relevant after the request 3 years ago.  Is Microsoft thinking about adding this feature.  It would be nice to clean up things from 2020.

I miss that feature too! Also to move/copy the Conversations between different teams would be nice.


@timothys2020 this would be sooo helpful in my work... Please Microsoft

Why is this still not a feature in Teams in 2023? It seems like a really normal function to be able to hide/archive posts that are not longer "relevant" but you don't really want to delete them.