Archived teams not visible in Hidden teams

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I noticed the following behavior in MS Teams : 

- When I archive a teams from the teams admin, the team disappear from the teams list but do not appear in hidden teams (where it's supposed to go)

- When looking into Manage teams, it appears well as archived, but doesn't appear on 'Your teams' or 'Hidden Teams'


- The only way i found to display the team in the list of hidden teams, is once archived, go to Managed Teams and click on the archived teams. From that moment it will appear in the Teams list under hidden teams. 


- I tested in the web version and the client version( (64-bit))=> the same issue

Can you instruct me if you have the same behavior, if it's as-it-should-be or if we have a real problem here ? As documented by Microsoft, an archived teams go directly into hidden teams without any interaction from the users



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Archive teams do not show up in "Hidden Teams". Hidden Teams is per user and is based on the Teams a user hides. 


Archive teams cannot be seen from the Teams clients/web and can only be seen/reactivated in the Teams admin centre. 

@Andrew Hodges I did a few tests and most of the time the archived teams would go in Hidden Teams, but here, it's not going to hidden teams.


It's only once i go back in the team that i can see my archived teams in my hidden teams. 



Looks like I have never tried to access an archived Team.


For me archived teams disappear from the Teams client but then if I try and access it from the Teams Admin Centre you are right it then appears in the hidden teams.  I guess if you have the team open when it is archived and you then click something in that team it will add it to your hidden teams. I am not sure on the user journey for a standard user but am sure there is one.