Apps for Teams . . . what do you use?


I'm just curious about this. I see articles with titles like, "10 Must Have Teams apps" but then the article lists like four planners, plus Weather, Wiki, and a couple more dumb (IMHO) ones. Does anyone out there have Teams apps they find really useful?

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@Jeffery Hallett my list is pretty small TBH, but this is what I use fairly regularly:

  • Yammer/Communities app
  • OneNote (if I'm too lazy to open my notebook in another window
  • Lists - probably my most used Teams app


Apps that I don't use but are worth checking out:


  • Approvals
  • Shifts for Teams
  • Viva Insights
  • MS Bookings
  • Power BI

Apps that aren't worth the time or effort:


  • Tasks for Planner and To Do
  • Wiki
  • Stream
  • Anything with the word "Bing" in the title.
It will be dependant on the specific Team, but one "App" that I use almost all the time is "website" - I find that adding a URL to the Teams site as a tab is incredibly useful for keeping my students on the Teams site, but also accessing an external website as needed.
For example, I usually add a tab for our school's website and another for the Learning Management System (where they check their grades :)