Approvals app not available in tenant

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I've checked the teams admin console of three different tenants and none of them have the Approvals app (Approvals in Microsoft Teams - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs) available in their console. Is this app being released in stages? 


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AFAIK It’s not rolled out yet. Regarding being rolled out in stages it takes a varying amount of time to provision updates to all tenants so the time something shows up can vary a bit from tenant to tenant Adam

Seems like that is kind of a big omission in the docs oh well

@Jason Beckett 

Approvals in Microsoft Teams will be available on January 12.





We have similar issues the Approval App points to a wrong instance and I want to change this, but I (we) can't find documentation how change the instance to the correct one. As we want to audit the Temas approval proces.

Is there already a solution.

Is this still rolling out I'm in GCC and waiting