Apply Teams Template to Existing Team

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Good day and thank you for your interest. We have a business requirement where we want to apply a Teams template from Microsoft Teams Admin Center to current and existing team groups. We know that we can create new teams from existing teams and templates, but we are not sure how to achieve this when applying a teams template to an existing teams group. 


Any research or implementation information would be much appreciated.




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Thank you Ms. Therese, we are looking for an opposite solution where we want to apply a pre-created template to an existing teams group. Thank you for sharing

I think Sunny wants overwrite the current teams infra

@Sunny, if that so, sounds like a bad idea, and I don't think there is a function like that
even though you can write your script if you are the administrator
people won't like it, better to convince manager what a chaos that will be

@Sunny2000 I'm having similar difficulties and i believe your position is a valid one. We have ~300 groups that need to have template applied for uniformity.

It's unfortunate there has been no comment from Microsoft.

This is a common use case and is inline with the way modern SharePoint site templates are used.

Why would we not be able to do the same with Teams?