Apple Silicon Rosetta 2 Performance issues

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Dear Microsoft,


Ever since the launch of the Apple Silicon machines, macOS users have been using the macOS native app of Teams via Rosetta 2. 


Due to that, the application is consuming a great amount of memory when compared to the Edge PWA of the Microsoft Teams web app. In my day-to-day I can notice that the Microsoft Teams app is in total consuming 2,10GB, however, if I hop into a call that number increases to 3,10GB.. If the video camera is turned on it goes beyond 3,30GB. 

Besides memory, there's also the battery life component where teams are my highest energy usage app on my Macbook Pro 14" with the M1 Pro chip. due to that my battery life only lasts up to 5-6 hours maximum. Additionally, I noticed during a video call my M1 Pro (GPU) is being used by around 80-90% when using the webcam.


Logs below (inside a call and outside)



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Does the workaround offered in this unverified article help? “Native” Microsoft Teams performance on M1 Macs | Medium

Hi @TheCloudSAPEngineer ,


you should try Microsoft Teams beta for Silicon M1 - it's already out there. Check it out here - Microsoft Teams Silicon M1 is finally here! (beta/download) ( 

@Adin_CalkicCool! Unfortunately it doesn't update on its own if I understood correctly. You need to download and install a new build each time... I tried the version - it had issues with video calls - a little bit rigged colours. Hope later releases are better.