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I created an App, including a Bot and a static tab using the hello world example. The tab shows nicely in Teams. But it does not have this 'Copy link to tab' menu item on the right side, how do I achieve that? 

I am trying to find out how I can actually navigate to specific content in the tab's web page using Deeplinks. 

Also if I add the App via the '+' in a team, it does not enable the 'Save' button, probably because I don't have the permissions to do this. I see this in many of the App's in the AppSource, but some of them show an enabled 'Install' button. What is the difference. If you could point me to a good site where this is all explained it would be appreciated.  Thanks, Ben

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Is this the amount of development support we can expect here = nothing? Is this not the right forum?


Teams development support is here


Which then has a link to Stack Overflow where people discuss development. If you want support from Microsoft then you'll need to buy MSDN support.


Interesting that they choose StackOverflow because you cannot have a discussion there. You cannot even just ask a question about getting more information. They have this concept of every question needs to be such that the result is some kind of Wikipedia.  Great concept, but that does not work for support of a product that is still in its development fase, lacking good documentation. I tried  questions there but the StackOverflow  moderators removed one of them, or you get punished because they think it is not formulated the way it should. The other problem is that there is no focus to a specific topic. If you post in a dedicated forum to Microsoft Teams Development, there is already a context. You can even just follow that forum to learn a lot. In StackOverflow the moderators are judging your question without any knowledge of the product your question is about.