Anyone know if/when the new Teams calendar app will show more than 14 days into the future?


As with the now defunct 'meetings' app - we still have to go to Outlook to see any meetings more than 2 weeks ahead.

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Yes, apparently so according to the EC19 announcement

See section Calendar App

Says you’ll be able to see any past or future meeting

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Christ

@Larry Goldfield yes, you can go to any week in the future, there's a little calendar control that lets you jump forward through months.

Have it changed name to calendar app yet? Most have by now that I know of, but none have actually got the new content! It’s the same calendar view still but as Hoard said, when the new calendar arrives it will show past and more future events

@Steven Collier thx, but I don't see any controls except the <> which only takes me 14 days forward.  Is there something else?

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@Larry Goldfield it's not rolled out yet, the icon name has just been changed in advance. When you get the new app it provides a full week view of your calendar, and has nice features like join buttons on the calendar entries.

I've got the same problem.


I've setup a recurring meeting using Teams, but need to shift individual meetings more than 14 days in advance due to public holidays, annual leave etc. Currently - I cannot do this until I'm within the 14-day window.

Yes, but the new calendar hasn’t rolled out yet..


@adam deltinger you can open the outlook calendar metting and do click on "Manage live event resources" link

Hi@Christopher Hoard

Do you have anything more to share? On this list:

What's new in Microsoft Teams

I could not found anything about this. And will it give possibility to see more than week behind as well?

Hi @Petri X

Unfortunately, it's been put back until the new year - see Roadmap here

It could be because of bugs, or because there has been feedback where improvements can be made from either a functionality or UX perspective. I imagine and think it is fair to say that some will be disappointed, however - from a personal perspective - a few more months is not too long too wait to get a really solid improvement on the existing experience.

Hope that clarifies.

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard to sharing this.


Personally I'm not sure why there are needs for a separate calendar into Teams. Why not saving working hours and having improvements to the Outlook's calendar. Sounds like there is internal competition at Microsoft who build the best calendar and wins all. Then customers do not have the problem like this.

@Steven.. can you explain me exactly how please...