Anyone know how to restrict Collaborative Meeting Notes to specific users?

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Our company is not quite ready to deploy Loop yet.  We currently have it disabled using the following resource: Manage Loop components in OneDrive and SharePoint | Microsoft Learn.


In that resource, it talks about two locations you need to configure: Cloud Policy (restricts M365 except Teams) and PowerShell (To restrict Teams).  The Cloud Policy allows you to restrict Loop access to specific M365 Groups...but that policy does not control Loop within Teams.  You need to use PowerShell for that to disable the "IsLoopEnabled" and "IsCollabMeetingNotesFluiedEnabled" properties.  Does anyone know if there is a way to enable these properties for specific users or groups?  They seem to be tenant-wide settings which are all or nothing.


I also saw a new Meeting Policy in the Teams Admin Center for "Shared Notes".  I tried that, but that didn't seem to do it either.  Does anyone know what that new Meeting Policy setting actually controls?

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