Anyone here uses Microsoft Teams using mobile data?

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Hello, just want to ask if anyone here uses Microsoft Teams using mobile data? How much mobile data will Microsoft Team consumes for a video meeting for about 1 hour and a group of 28 people? I also need to download the meeting, what is the best way? 


Thank you!

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hey, I occasionally use mobile data, and usually for voice meeting instead of video. However, if you the organiser of the meeting, you could record the meeting and as I know it will store in Microsoft Stream when the meeting is over. You could download it from Stream for the MP4 format.
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Hello @Aelliseu_IVXVI 


For the data consumption it depends on which meeting mode you're using see below table for your reference:



All recorded meeting are uploaded to Microsoft Stream will show up in the chat windows, if your IT admin does not block this feature.



An updates here to my reply, Teams starting to save recorded meeting to OneDrive and SharePoint site on August 2021. See below for the details.




@charlesnapit Hello charlesnapit, I am not the organiser of the meeting, will I still be able to record the meeting to my OneDrive? Thank you!