Any way to stop Teams muting me when I join calls?

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When I join meetings, I make sure that Mute is set to "Off" - yet I am still muted when I join a call. This is infuriating as it means I inevitably start speaking and no one can hear me.
Seems to be a bug with the UI not matching what the application is actually doing.


Any way to avoid this until its fixed?

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After so many people join (6 i think) Teams auto mutes people when joining since more often than not people join with tons of background noise. I prefer it this way tbh. It shouldn't be happening on smaller calls/meeting thou.

@m_a_r_c, are you creator of these meetings?  I am wondering if the person starting the meeting is clicking the "Mute All" button as soon as the meeting starts.

@Chris WebbThanks Chris - this kind of makes sense but I'd expect it to be more obvious, different behavior based on an arbitary number of people is confusing. I have a decent(ish) headset with noise cancellation and so thankfully I'm not one of "those people" :) I also prefer to use the Mute function on my headset rather than Teams, as this gives me a reminder that Mute is on if I forget start speaking.  It would be great to see this more tightly integrated.

Is there a way to restrict an atendee muting the team organizer?


@Chris WebbAny way to disable this within the settings as its really really annoying, as I am happy controlling this via my headset, which is how I would normally control this... But on my headset it doesn't automatically switch the teams mute on / off. I've had to come out of calls, and rejoin, as I thought there was an issue with my headset of several occasions, as I was unmuting and muting via my headset and it was not letting me speak. Very infuriating. I know this is stupid Teams now, but need a way to automatically stop Teams from doing this.

@craig_williams35 If you do it as a prearranged meeting (In calendar) you can go back in and set WHo can present to "Presenter Only" which prevents attendees from being able to Mute All or you.