Any plans to save directly to Teams sites in Office 2016 apps?

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In current office apps like PowerPoint, Word,  and Excel, if we click File|Save As, if I go to our Team Site (not a teams site, but the default sharepoint created for each tenant), I can then browse all "sites and workspaces" and save files directly where they belong, but it only shows Sharepoint sites, not Group sites and therefore, not Team locations.


So we are saving files to our desktop then uploading to Teams. A round about way of doing it.


This is mainly an issue when we get files from email or create new in various office apps, especially PPTs which always come from Templates we have.


It would be nice if we could save them straight to Teams regardless of whether or not that team or any channel in that team is sync'd to our hard drive. 

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I would suggest you follow the site




Thank you for the recommendation of workarounds. As someone charged with driving adoption for Microsoft Teams within my team, I'm frustrated that the experience is so inconsistent across Microsoft Office apps. Furthermore, now when attaching OneDrive-synced files in Outlook, the "attach a link" prompt is no longer appearing. All of these workarounds are generating pushback that the platform is more work than its worth.


Fingers crossed that Microsoft will make the cloud-based file navigation consistent across all apps and make sharing cloud documents via e-mail much easier for our Teams users helping to drive adoption outside of our small team.

I agree @Peter Mcdermott . Microsoft rolled out Teams very quickly, and as a result it has some issues, and file access from desktop apps is one of them. As is the inability to search Team Wikis, but I digress.


But you can still share files from OneDrive via a link in Outlook. When I click Attach File, then select a file, I get a dialog box that asks if I want to Share a link or Attach as a copy - the latter being the old school way to insert a file. What are your team members seeing?

Thanks @Ed Hansberry , it's inconsistent. If I do not select a file from the Recent File list, it only attaches a copy. If I select a "recent" file, it will ask to attach a link.

Yeah. I see that now. that is really bad. outlook isn't even consistent with itself.

Outlook doesn't understand modern authentication either. They should start over with that app to be honest. It coming up on 25 years old.