Any Plans to add this to Microsoft Teams Meeting rooms

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I thought I read somewhere that it may be possible for a user to enter a room with a teams enabled mobile device and a Teams certified meeting room device such as a Polycom Trio and it recognize the user and show them as a meeting participant.


As I work for a financial institution this would be very beneficial from a few use cases 


1) The able to determine a user would help enable certain regulatory needs , such as recording auto-enable for a user that is in a particular group for example Market Traders


2) To secure a meeting room so a person that is not suppose to be in a meeting cant just walk into a room itself and click on join from the in room devices


3) Because its an wow experience , being able to walk into a room and the meeting starts based of the mobile client or other factors and bring the screen live/documents that is needed etc and ready for a meeting in seconds rather than 5 mins that it seems to get a meeting started. 

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@JDCole Not using their phones as far as I've heard, the accuracy with BLE really wouldn't be sufficient.


What was announced earlier this year is future capabilities that will isolate and recognize people from the rooms camera, so you see them in the roster and in a separate video when viewing remotely.