Any issue with Search function in MS-Teams lately?

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Hi MS Teams users across the horizon,

Has anyone encountered any issue with their Search function in MS-Teams?

When I perform a keyword search in SharePoint Online for the different sites(aka Teams), the results are OK. It managed to find the keyword.  But when I search for the same keyword in MS-Teams ; nothing is displayed and it says "We didn't find any matches". 

Please help.

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I just did a recheck to see if the keywords are working my experince was the same on both Teams and Sharepoint online... what ever i can search in Sharepoint was able to search on the Teams....

not sure if that is somthing with the MS teams version you have or is this only your computer, have you tried the web version of your MS team...


Thank you for your response.  At this point in time, the Search for the same keyword works in SharePoint Online for the sites/channels we have but the search for the same keyword is not working in the web-based or desktop MS-Teams.  Is there some sort of linkages between the two(2) platforms?


Or is there some kind of services that needs to run in MS-Team (or O365 Admin portal) that crawls or rebuilds those Search indexes?


I don't think there are any services to rebuild that, might be worthed checking the browser version if that makes any difference.

@PDostiyar have you found any solution for this?
Having the same issue as you described on Teams web. Just finding chats and people but not showing any chat messages in the results. Search works fine in the Teams desktop and mobile apps.
Tried on different computers and browsers with the same Teams account, resulting in the same behavior.

@Floriansh has anyone found a solution to this yet, all i get when i search are peoples names in my contact list


i do not get any previous chats at all

@markyboyd no, unfortunately still the same issue

@Floriansh no worries, thanks for letting me know


it so weird because its working at work on pcs running win10 and 11, but mine at home and on my laptop just shows contacts in search results :(