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Good morning everyone! I have a very important question I need to ask. My mother is a teacher and she's afraid that during an online exam on Microsoft Teams someone may share their screen with a third party programme without being detected by Teams. Is it possible? Does teams warn you if someone is doing that? I really hope someone answers, thank you very much in advance!


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Technically they can share, take screenshots etc and Teams have no detection of this. It’s very hard to control and restrict these things even if there’s technical solutions restricting it since they can take pictures and videos with mobile phones etc.
It’s recommended the students being on video and have their mic on during tests to have more control as a examiner.




No, Teams doesn't have anything to prevent that, it's just an app on a screen.  I know from doing Microsoft's exams online that there are specific 'exam' software that can be used, but these are very specialised.


To do a Microsoft exam remotely you have to install software than checks which apps are running, forces the exam full screen, allows a remote invigilator to watch and hear you (you get told off if you look away from the screen too much). You also need to sign in with photos from around your room so they know you don't have notes up. Their exams are operated by a company called Pearson Vue.


So I guess it is kind of possible, but very specialised and not something that Teams can do.

What app do u guys use to anti cheat? Can u guys tell me the name of that app pls

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