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I have Teams signed in with the same account on 2 of my desktop computers (Win & Mac) and on 2 of my phones (iOS & Android) but incoming calls ring only on my work computer and doesn't show up on any of the others. Chat and other functions work well. I can't find any switch in the Settings or articles on the net. So do anyone have the same problem or is there a simple solution for this that I miss? Thanks in advance!

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If you are active on both computers in should ring on both computers.


For your mobile phones check the notification settings, there is an setting that you can activate for notifications called something like "Always, even when active on desktop". As default mobile clients will not notify you when you are active on your desktop client.

Thanks so much @Linus Cansby! This solved it perfectly!

One more question: why could it be? As far as I remember I turned notifications off in both cases the phones' settings not inside the app? Thanks in advance!

@Linus Cansby 

You mentioned "If you are active on both computers in should ring on both computers."

How can i force Teams to think i am active on a particular device?

I am working from home (as many people do these days), i am connected to my office workstation through VPN+Remote Desktop Connection and have teams runnin these for chat, I also have teams running on my home computer (on which i run the remote desktop connection to my office workstation). The problem is when i am working 'in the office' and someone calls me i get a incomming call notification on my office workstation, however i could pick up but i have no microphone there, the local teams client does not give me the notification and i can therefore not pick-up the call on my home computer. on the otherhand when i 'work' on my home computer and someone calls me i get a incomming call notification on my personal computer and can pick-up and have the conversation. Before we switched to Teams in our company we used Skype for Business and with that both the office and home client would notify me about the incomming call at the same time so i could switch to my home screen and pick up, not so with Teams. How has this use case escaped the developers/beta testers attention? Do you have a sullution?

@BenSisko experiencing the same issue. Hopefully someone has a solution soon.

@balintd has there been a solution for this issue? I have looked everywhere to find an answer. 

This issue has resolved itself.

Hi. I have this issue on and off, with my phone. My work laptop is in the office and I RDP to it, so like someone said, I see a call notification coming in, but can't answer because i have no passthrough mic. Thus, i use my mobile phone, at home, to call via teams but sometimes it rings when people call me and sometimes it doesn't. I can't find any settings to affect this, at all.