Anonymous Guests joining meetings - can't share video


I'm having trouble figuring out what policy I can adjust to get the desired outcome.


When I normal user creates a meeting with an external guest user, unless the external guest user joins with an actual account, they are unable to share video. See the screens below. This is specific to mobile devices (iOS) but when a guest clicks on the join meeting in email, it will launch teams. They select to join as guest and type in their name. When they get to the next screen, they are prompted to wait for someone to join, however you can see the greyed out camera icon. Once the other party joins, they are put in the meeting automatically but then the camera button is removed. They are unable to share their video. The only thing I've been able to figure is the meeting host can promote them (once they've joined) to status of attendee and if the guest leaves and rejoins, they can then share their video. I've looked through all the MeetingPolicy and GuestPolicy items and can't find anything that is specific to Anonymous users or Guests that would cause this. This doesn't seem to apply if the guest joins on a laptop browser.





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I think it is a bug. Since you are able to share video when the meeting has started (if you rejoin). First time you are placed to wait in the Lobby until an organizer starts the meeting. When you are waiting in the Lobby you should not be able to share video. Since the video works when you rejoin it is not a policy setting.


I tested on Android now and I'm not able to share video in the Lobby (I don't even see the icon). When the meeting starts and I'm able to share my video.


Can you reproduce this with another phone? If so report it to Microsoft support.


@Linus Cansby  Thanks for quick reply.


Its not just in the lobby. It's not until I promote them to attendee and then they rejoin that they're able to share video. Before then they are labeled as 'guest'.


This happens on multiple devices, but I'll have to track down an android device.


@Timothy Anderson I guess that that it still says "Guest" under the name when you make them Attendee. They are probably Presenters when they join first (ex. they can share screen), then you make them an attendee instead of presenter.

I have a same problem.

Now u can solve this problem. ?

Same problem. If the guests join before the host this happens. They need to leave and rejoin.


As a workaround - Can you restrict the meeting to not allow them into the waiting room until the host has started the meeting? I don't see an option to do this anywhere.