Annoying Teams Notification Banner Position on Mac

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Hi Microsoft,


I recently moved from Ubuntu to Mac and feel very annoyed when some Teams notification comes on Right Top whereas in both Windows and Ubuntu it is positioned at Right Bottom.


Is there a particular reason to do so especially for Mac?


Reason for it being annoying:

It hides the browser tabs in chrome/firefox and I have to close the notifications before I can access my tabs.

Check my attachment to better understand what I mean to say


I understand there would be a reason for you to do so, but please help to provide an option to user to move it to Right Bottom or Right Top so that we choose what is best for us.


Same is the problem with Outlook Email notification on Mac. But the Calendar notification are good in Outlook for Mac. Thanks for that.


I hope you will understand this problem and help to resolve it asap.


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Hi @swinderjuneja   There are a few items in our Uservoice feedback forum that may pertain to this issue.  If you have time, we encourage you to go there and vote for the one that most approximates what you're asking for.  I found one that's getting a lot of traction but if it's not exactly appropriate, there are others.


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@swinderjuneja MSFT doesn't care about Mac Users and how poorly implemented the notifications are. They've had a uservoice ticket open about it for going on 3 years now, and they've done nothing to fix it. 

Just wanted to let you know that no one will answer you or fix it, unfortunately. At least if that uservoice ticket is any indication.

I agree!


What about the inability to answer video and phone calls! Even more frustrating is the location the notification when someone Calls/Videos a MAC user via Teams - it is obscured by the MAC notifications (the popup for the call that shows who is calling and the ability to click to answer the call or hang up are on the hidden behind the mac notifications so I cannot answer the call!! I usually try to find the right button or simply wait and call back).  I routinely have to turn off my mac notifications (put my notifications on "do not disturb") so that I don't miss my team notifications and calls.  Unfortunately this often makes me miss emails, texts, calendar notifications, and facetime calls!  As putting my MAC on DO NOT disturb on my computer also puts my phone and tablet on do not disturb. 


They could simply (well changing core functionality and code is not simple, but well it is doable and not a massive task to add the feature) just allow users to move the notifications around (like outlook notifications) or put them on the left hand side.  This could also be resolved if Apple allowed users to change where their notifications appeared on their screen (as the location of the notifications on MAC OS, on the right hand side, are frustrating as well).   Another possible fix would be for MS to integrate their notifications into the MAC notifications (as Google and other software developers have done).  MS developers for MS products, including teams, have done so for the iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone - why not MAC OS?


Perhaps MS should have more beta testers from the community of people that use MACs to provide actual "real-life" use feedback - maybe they do, but I do not know how they would not have caught this one!


One work around that is NOT ideal was to install teams on my iPAD and my Phone (teams works really well on both I found).  Then I simply rely on the notifications from my tablet or phone.  When I answer a call it is still frustrating because I will answer it on my tablet instead of computer. 


I am a master Microsoft Admin for my agency and will try to put in a help ticket and feature request - maybe that will escalate the issue.    I will let you know if it does, also please let us know if you found a work around.   @swinderjuneja 


Working it out,


Hi@ThereseSolimeno ,

The link you provided to @swinderjuneja is regarding Banner notifications NOT appearing when a user is in full screen mode, that is not what the user was having an issue with, as I read it in her post.


I believe and would agree - it is the location of the notifications on MAC OS.  The Teams notifications appear BEHIND the Mac notifications and cannot be moved.  They also appear over items when working (meaning THEY DO APPEAR, and keep appearing without the ability to turn them off, when on full screen).  Also a secondary issue, although not mentioned in @swinderjuneja's post, occurs when someone calls or video's a MAC user, because of the screen location of top righthand side that is programmed into the teams application, the notification for the audio/video call cannot be read or answered because it is BEHIND the MAC notifications.


Working on it,

Dr. Shelby



It's already been announced in Message Center that Mac users will be able to select native notifications within Teams, rollout by mid January. Then there won't be overlaps, Teams will just fit into the native mac experience.


To the original question, top right is how Apple chose to implement notifications, I don't believe there's a way to change it yet in MacOS.


You say announced.

Nothing has happened. Aside from them editing the date to the previous month at the start of every month.

The original question is *because* MS have implemented the dumbest notification system I've *ever* seen on Teams... for some reason?

And bumping in case anyone who works for Microsoft ever reads this forum.

ROFL, no one from M$FT reads this forum. 


You think they actually CARE about users and their experience? ROFL


They already have your money, so they don't have to give a toss.

@swinderjuneja and anyone else that reaches this b/c of the annoying way the Teams notificatios appear - MS has indeed added the ability to integrate with the Mac notifications:

3 dot menu - settings - notifications - notification style = Mac


Hope this helps,