[Android] How to stop "urgent" messages from bypassing DoNotDisturb?

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Hi. I live in the UK and work with a team that is US-Based. They are 8 hours behind, so often it's night time for me when they are in the middle of their day.

My phone goes into do-not-disturb mode at night, because I wake up very easily.

The problem is that some of my co-workers keep marking messages as URGENT in the chats. This, somehow, bypasses my DND seeting and makes my phone vibrate like crazy in the middle of the night, constantly waking me up.

HOW CAN I DISABLE IT? I have checked every single setting in the apps notification, but can't manage to disable this annoying thing.

By the way, I'm setting the Android's do-not-disturb. Not the one inbuilt in the app. MS teams shouldn't be able to bypass a OS setting...!!!
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Hello @yurividal    One of our MVPs @Chris Webb has written about this topic in the past (see post below) so I'm going to ask him to take a look at your question to see if he can assist.



I don't have an Android so I can't speak on it, but I agree it shouldn't be able to override the OS level DND or at least provide an option if it's going to but it makes sense. Your co-workers really need to stop using it unless its an actual real urgent matter and may need it disabled via policy if they abuse it IMO. There is a thin line here where it's actually urgent and needs to be utilized in industries where it needs to make it through any silencing efforts.

Anyway, as far as I know there is nothing you can do other than submit uservoice feedback for it. But I would go the route of trying to get the issue ironed out from a user perspective or just get the feature disabled via policy all together if you don't have a policy around needing it.