Android Devices and Login challenges

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We have been running into an odd problem.  We have Intune setup with conditional access policies and when attempting to login Android-based collaboration devices (Poly X50, TC8, Yealink Phones, Poly C60 or Collab Bars etc), the experience differs.


*sometimes* after entering the Code generated from the device, when logging in we see either:

  • You’re Signing in to Microsoft Authentication Broker on another device located in United States, if its not you, close this page


  • “You’re signing in to Microsoft Intune Company Portal on another device located in United States, if not you, close this page”


When the former login occurs (MS Auth Broker) the device goes through its motions, looks to be logging in and eventual FAILS every time.  While when we get the Intune login, it works everytime.  The Device Accounts arnt in play here because the login occurs prior to the account info being entered, and everytime we are logging-in in INCOGNITO mode from a browser regardless.


Also seems not device specific, and have no clue why its picking one versus the other for login.

Anyone else seen this and any advice?

Thank you very much



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Hello @JohnMcAfee    Thank you - you've uncovered a bug! We've filed this with the devices team.


Thank you Therese yes definitely keep us updated.  I have a ticket on this with the Intune group (which is related) definitely affecting us in a big way!

We've published a host of training docs that should address these issues. Modules 3 to 5 should have the information you need.

Please work with your Intune team to ensure configuration is set according the guidance shared.