Android 12 Screen Share is broken - unable to interact with screen once sharing has started

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Any device updated to android 12 is able to start sharing the screen, however once you go back to the home screen of the device (or any other app exept Teams) you are then unable to touch anything that shows inside the red screen share area.

It is almost as if the red outline that indicates that you are sharing is sat as a layer above all items on the screen stopping you from interacting with anything behind it.


Running the official release of android 12 on a Google Pixel 5 and 4a. Teams app is fully up to date from the play store - reinstalling does not solve.


Any ideas?

Vote on the bug report here:


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Thanks for posting the Uservoice link - we encourage users to vote on that if they're having the same issues.

For some reason the microsft teams uservoice site has disappered and redirects to a different site now, I have recreated the issue so people can vote here: