Analysing Data in Teams


Hi, I have a request from a customer to perform some advanced analytics in MS Teams.  On the messages that are being posted we are looking to perform sentiment analysis and ranking of key words.  Also there will be a q and A bot deployed in Teams and we would like to add to the knowledge base of the bot by the questions and answers posted in teams.


It would be best to perform these activities in the teams service, but that may not be possible.  Other option is to extract all the conversations in specific groups to a data lake and we can run our analytics there and also enrich out bot.

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Hi @Henners72

Thanks for your questions - the post contains a few things so I will break it down.

There is currently a uservoice open for Sentiment Analysis - but this hasn't currently been picked up by Microsoft. This may take some time.

There was no uservoice for ranking Key Words as part of the analytics, but I have opened this request

In terms of a Q and A Bot, this is possible

There is a uservoice here to be able to export Teams data and it is currently under review by Microsoft

So you can build the Bot, but the challenge remains the enrichment of the bot with the sentiment, ranking of key words, or the ability to extract conversations. One way to possibly get around this is to use the Text Analytics API with your bot

So this would be a workaround as you would be doing enrichment from the Bot itself rather than from Teams. Unfortunately, it could be some time before the functionality comes into Teams to do your enrichment activity.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Thanks Chris. Would there be a way to extract all conversations in the Teams channel so that we can perform the analytics elsewhere?