an Admin preparing for New Version of Teams. (will the pain end?)

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Until yesterday 3.3.23, I was listed as the Admin in my organisation. Today, not more, I am an "owner".

It means little, as I still cant access the admin account to fix the issues I have. I dont have org access either now. Things like that just fluctuate unpredictably, as in subatomic physics. I have not made the change. It might be different again by morning. id depends now I log in - things looks different from different microsoft vantage points you see. But L1 heldesk believes I am not an Admin after all. In any case my lack of access to my own account means I cant currently buy the upgrade. So I have a ticket out to solve it, just so I can buy "MS Teams".  


May this stand, one day, and a small whiney and rambling monument, before pure joy, once the simple and smooth running of everything changed as we moved to just ONE MS Teams app (genius) that allows the magic of multiple accounts signed in at once. I need it. I do HOPE for No more Sign in Loops. or flutters. (feel free to test it on me, as I am a great usage case, having 3 work logins - one admin, + two created by clients of mine, plus one personal login all on the same work email address, plus one gmail login for  when nothing else is working right).


I started all this around 2020, but these things grow you know... so I  do *hope* all is solved this month as I BOLDLY RENEW my expired Teams license. 


Meanwhile I am rarely beaten, but I cant access my Admin account via ANY of the amazing unexpected and VARIED ways one might go about solving that problem according to the current state of IT wisdom on all the supprt forums I can find...(fleetingly, I could see the clashes in my user accounts, but like other admins, I could not make the obvious changes to solve it, without accessing soe other mysterious thing, and then, well, that page view - it went away never to be refound).


All this for access to a consumer software product gone wild. How is the sole operator to cope?


Yes. I am just one voice, but I may speak for many (more brave and competent) people (at least 100,000 judging by the views on the support forum thread below), when i say,  that this *New Teams*- millions of people from hours of quite needless desperation each week!

Oh. And now my MS Office 2019 stand alone non-subscription license is moving from MS Office to Office 365 (but it means I cant reliably answer the engineer who asks, so do you have a 365 license we can hang it all off? , "I am not sure", I say humbly and tired from checking, I have never used it, but "it looks like I got one free with Office somehow, or something else you buundles it with but I didnt need it, does that count , my friend?" . So I dont know.  And nor do you. maybe I have no license, but you cant see Office licenses, so you have to ask me, but what for do you ask then?

So. back to it....  To have one, single app for Teams, allowing multiple account logins. I kneel, now. Please make this work. and Keep it simple this time. Yep, how hard must you make it to own and manage a MS team license. (you see, I am sounding daft, but truly, I nearly bought a new laptop and domain name for my business to solve all my business IT troubles and needless unfathomable complexity  across windows/office/teams - instead I perseveed, and I downloaded mind-mapping software to map out how I had been  successfully logging in to MS TEAMS by trial and error, ... true story - it was trial and error and I am still not sure, as it doesnt always work now anyway even if I do it "right". You see? this mess. Not. MY. Fault. I think the Irish say Fek at this point, before getting red in the face.


Meanwhile simple old Google Meet works perfectly without asking anything of me.


I do *know* I am not alone, having read countless supprt threads for Admins of  MS Teams, like this one with 100,000 views about people like me inexplicably losing admin priveleges . I also found no success in the advice of experts to try fixing it via places like 

  • "Microsoft  365 admin center" I cant access it... or 
  • accessing the admin centre of by entering first as a user and then sneaking in to an admin comsole of some kind,
  • I CANNOT BELIEVE I  tried or was *allowed* to play something very "blue" called Azure (which for me is like entering a BMW workshop and being told  "here, replace the timing chain" on an unlabelled  engine, with loose technical papers from other models scattered on the floor, each one asking for a one year premium trial so I have the PRIVELEGE to read it).

    So. lost. I am on this cold strange planet called Microsoft. but I am kept warm by reading the rage of other admins also struggling in CATALEPTIC disbelief at the fiddly complexity of stuff they need to lcick then unlick, that is hidden away in dark places; battle-hardened IT dudes who found even their Azure skills didnt matter, as the task was actually not possible. (at one point - true story -  was asked to change DNS settings on my own internet domain to prove who I am, despite having my Microsoft Authenticator app for 3 years on the same phone, using the same machine, and... .... ... its another planet you're on)
  • I also found some creative looking workarounds to getting back into my Admin account, which  uses a powershell to solve it. (this  sounds like Zelda now, I know, to people who arent MS certfied professionals)

You see, I am not IT trained,  I am just a Psychologist running my small business. I bought an MS teams license once to be accomodating (despite already paying for Zoom and Google meet). So I had it to talk to people who insist on TEAMS, ***for security they say***, so... for the last 2 years, to make the flipping thing work I have resort to using Ingognito browsing after cache clearing (because clearing all the cache and reinstalllign the app didnt help ) , and so I do this - true- on 2 different laptops to minimse sign-in loops between my accounts. Yes, I avoid the MS Teams app(s) . Yes, they, being duplicitous, these naughty twins (many users think there is just one, a shape shifter) they  act like 4; behaving differently in W10 and W11, and Android does even make sense about who is signing in ). i found out recently you have your own pet names for the apps we call "work and school" or just "personal". GCC and Public Cloud.  

So yeah, maybe there is once again HOPE of solving admin accounts, my team member account and my personal and client logins once again. For a mere taste of the pain out there, do skim this thread of Admins trying to get back in to settings for MS teams (and remember they have IT training and skills, unlike me):

In the end they point to external chat sites full of annoying ads, in hope of a good solution (why isnt it here on microsoft?)

then they have to do wild-looking stuff like this (goodness know what this unleashes) 


"a workaround if you can't access Microsoft Teams Admin Center even after trying the solutions above.

Open PowerShell as administrator once again.

In the new window, copy and paste these commands – make sure you press Enter after each:

Import-Module MicrosoftTeams

$userCredential = Get-Credential

Connect-MicrosoftTeams -Credential $userCredential

In the new pop-up window, enter your administrator credentials and log in to manage Teams."


OK. so this is a stable and secure system your clients insist on? I can barely understand how to log in to this giant pile of swirling post its. and forums are really, little help. the end.


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