Am I using Teams wrong? Question about files on Onedrive.

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Hi. I currently have teams setup for individual clients. Team members working on a particular client project have access to that team. In the files section, i would like to have a specific Onedrive folder which contains all of the documents pertaining to that client. I can do this with Dropbox or other online storage services, but not with onedrive. It is very confusing. On the other hand, I can link to a Sharepoint site, which will ultimately display the files as long as I upload them to sharepoint. 

My issue here is that uploading the files to sharepoint means not having access to the files via shared OneDrive. This type of structure has the ability to quickly become disorganized very quickly. 

My other thought would be to create a flow which keeps onedrive and sharepoint in sync, but there doesn't apear to be a way to do this is for file updates, only new files. 

The whole scenario feels very disconnected. Are we trying to use Teams in a way that is different than other people? How are you guys using it? Suggestions would be much apprecaited. 


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Well, I don't see why you want to move files to ODFB that is intended to store personal documentation and not corporate the way, all files you upload in the files tab in teams are stored in the Teams site that is created for each Team you create

So what happens when you want to give external people (contractors) access to those files? You give them access to the entire sharepoint repo? Sometimes sharing individual files or folders is much cleaner and simpler from a security perspective... 

You can do the same in the Teams site, but you will first have to enable external sharing in the site since It's disabled by default...and for doing this you will need some PowerShell:

$sMessage="Type your Office 365 Credentials"
$Office365Cred=Get-Credential -UserName $sUserName -Message $sMessage
Connect-SPOService -Url $sSPOAdminCenterUrl -Credential $Office365Cred


Set-SPOSite -Identity $sSPOGroupSite -SharingCapability ExternalUserSharingOnly

While you can always share a SPO site with external users, keep in mind that the Teams app does not yet support external users. 

Correct. I guess my question is more about how I can (or why I can't) use OneDrive like the other cloud services? Not everyone wants to use sharepoint.