Allowing Team members to Reschedule Channel Meetings

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Hi All,

I am the organizer for several channel meetings, and I sometimes go on vacation when these are scheduled. How do I allow other members to reschedule these when I'm out? 


The meetings go on as usual without me, meaning I can't reschedule before I leave. But sometimes the backup organizer wants to change the time etc to suit their schedule that day.


I have all participants set as owners in the channel. However nobody but me can reschedule. 


The admin policy is set by our organization so I would assume this is some admin level setting, but just thought I'd ask if anyone knows of a way outside the admin level.


Thanks for the help.

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Hello, I'm afraid it's still not possible to change/transfer the organizer role to anyone. The co-organizer role will soon roll out though, but still not possible to change the organizer.

Co-organizers can do the following:

-Access and change meeting options
-Bypass the lobby
-Admit people from the lobby during a meeting
-Lock the meeting
-Present content
-Change another participant’s meeting role
-End the meeting for all

Co-organizers cannot do the following:

-Create & manage breakout rooms
-View & download attendance reports
-Manage the meeting recording
-Edit the meeting invitation
-Remove or change the Organizer role

@ChristianJBergstrom Thank you for the response.


So it sounds like a co-organizer won't be able to reschedule a meeting? 


"Co-organizers cannot do the following:

-Edit the meeting invitation"

That stinks. It seems like that would be a much requested function for large organizations. 

I don't agree with your wording, but I agree as it's a requested feature and something I was hoping being released together with the co-org role.
Please prioritise this feature - that is the whole point of working through Teams - and not Outlook when scheduling meetings for channel members