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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Allowing teachers but not pupils to bypass the lobby in Teams

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Hi all


I would like to have my pupils join the lobby before a lesson begins but allow other teachers to bypass the lobby and take control of accepting people into the meeting. Is this possible?


Thanks Joe

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Hi @JoeHughes,


You can do that with policies, please see the article bellow.


Keeping students safe while using Teams for distance learning - Office Support (


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Nuno Árias Silva
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Hi @Nuno Silva thanks for your reply. I understand that I can change the setting on Who can bypass the lobby to Only Me, but I cannot see in this article how I would set the policy to "Only me and any other teacher in this team"


Thanks again for your help

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Hi @JoeHughes,


For now is not possible to do that, you have a note over the article:


Important: There are some situations where the original educator who scheduled a meeting is not present to start the meeting, such as a day when a substitute is teaching instead. If an educator has set Who can bypass the lobby to Only me for a meeting and they are unable to start the meeting to admit others, we recommend that the original teacher cancels their meeting for the class. Then, the educator who is in charge of the class for the day should create a new meeting. That way, they are the meeting organizer and will have full control of the meeting.


You can also can vote for this feature here Teams meeting lobby - allow "selected people" to bypass lobby – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


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Nuno Árias Silva
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Thank you. That's helpful to know. I've voted for it!