Allow Users to Change their Display name (First - Last name)

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Hi All. 


I am trying to find a reason why our users can't change their display name. 


The Exchange policy is activated and the default role assignment policy points out that they are infact allowed to change the names. But going on Delve nor on account setting I can change the display name.


"Some details may be provided by the IT .... "


But you know, I am the IT ;)) 


Is there something I need to check on AAD level? 


We need to have people on MS Teams be able to change their Display name flexible. 




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This is a good idea.  There is no built in way in Teams to do that.  As you said you can change it in Delve or account settings.


I could write some code that does it through Microsoft Graph and include it in a Teams App.  Something easy like that.  Is that what you are looking for?






Where do these accounts come from? If they are being synchronised by AzureAD Connect then the displayname could only be changed in the local AD.

@Steven Collier 

Do you use AD Sync to keep Azure AD in sync with Local AD?


If not you can use Microsoft On-premise Data Gateway to allow an application to update data in On-premise AD

@Steven Collier Yes, they have been created on the AAD.

Does this mean, if I create users through the Microsoft / Office 365 admin, that they would be able to change their names? 


Is this possible? 


How would one do that?

I do not synch yet from any local AD. Our AAD is the main one currently, might not change for a while. Would it be possible to enable users changing their display name with Microsoft On-premise Data Gateway?

If yes, any source of howto?



It's another good question.  I will set up a test to see if I can use the On-Premise data gateway and hit it using the Microsoft Graph API.


Will let you know the results next week.

@Steven Collier 


Hi Steve


I am going to test this for @iambernd this weekend to prove it out.  I think I can use the Microsoft Graph API to change the display name.


I will let you know next week.



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I was able to set up the test of changing the user display name using Microsoft Graph API.  I can authenticate to Azure AD or On-Premise AD using the current user context.  Won't need the On-Premise data gateway after all since Graph allows you to authenticate to both.


The next step would be to create a simple app in teams that allows the user to update their display name in teams then pass that update using graph.


Let me know if you are familiar with using these resources (Graph API and Teams Apps) or need some more help setting this up on your end.





@Steven Collier 


Steve do you agree this answer make sense?


Since he is using local AD and not Sync he can use Microsoft Graph API to update the Display name in Local AD and then tie that back to Teams through through a simple teams app?


I tested the authentication this weekend using Graph.

This sounds good.

Also, I like the idea of a simple app in Teams.

Would be interested to hear how to do it (we are not really familiar with teams apps, had some students and interns playing around with it though.)

Any suggestion to a doc or howto would be appreciated, also let me know how I can test this out ourselfs including setting up / developing a simple app for Teams).

Thanks a lot.



A great way to get started with the Teams apps is App Studio


That is where I tested your question to keep it simple



Hi Don,


What permission is need to modify the display name in Microsoft Graph?


I'm about to try them one by one, but it looks like you may already know the answer.