Allow muting a person only for me

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Sometimes I am in a meeting where one of the persons in the meeting is actually near me in the world outside the screen. In this case the sound is a bit maddening since there is a small delay between the sound from the person and the sound through the teams interface. In these cases, I would like to mute the person only for me since I am sitting near and can hear the person fine without headphones. Right now I need to takeoff headphones when the person is talking and putting it back as the person finishes talking.

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It appears that audio stream sent to the Teams client is mixed in the cloud and sent to individual users as a single merged stream.




  • This reduces the amount of network traffic sent to individual users.
  • This typically creates a low-effort solution that covers most use cases.




  • As listed here, sitting next to someone who is also on the call, you must deal with echo.
  • There is another issue not mentioned - you cannot change the volume for individual users - there is one person on many of my calls who constantly shouts. I cannot reduce her volume.




Contrary to some of the suggestions here, many products ARE implementing this feature.


Microsoft should send individual voice streams to the client and give customers the option to mute or change the volume on individual users. 

Exactly! Love this. PLEASE for the love of god fix it.
The capacity to manage all single audio participent is really needed ! Urgently

2 years later Microsoft still has no update or solution for this, so disappointing to see that such a simple yet highly useful and requested feature still hasn't been added..... @er008 

It would also be fine if we get the option to mute people from being mixed into our stream in the cloud. I would think every listener has an own stream mixed for them, that mutes their own voice. So there is no reason why others could not also be muted. Except for laziness.


This really needs to be fixed!

It's a no brainer of a function. 
Also adjusting volume of individual participants so it's possible to hear everyone well regardless of their input volume.

If it can't be done because all audio is combined into one stream that just means that there's more work to do to make it right, not that it shouldn't be done. 

If it's done to keep bandwidth usage low make it a toggle option.

Microsoft is pushing new work in their own offices, so there is NO WAY they don't have the same request themselves...


We also need this feature.

Think that you should think about this in the reverse. Rather than muting get a feature that is "do not play back sound from this participant" against your user so it is the receiving end of the stream rather than the sending side being muted
Yeah, that is what we are all talking about, only muting the user to yourself, not muting it at the sender end, that wouldnt make sense.

@nick2165Exactly. However all members of a Teams chat get the same audio mixed at the server and streamed to everyone. We don't get individual audio streams from each participant so the basic stuff like muting a specific user so it is muted for everyone is possible, but any further customisation is not.


In order to mute specific users just for you, Teams would have to mix an audio stream specifically for you. Nice and easy: not a bandwidth problem, but Teams doesn't work like that.
Obviously, what we'd like Teams to do is to work 'like that'.

I do not hear the echo of my own microphone. Obviously each users microphone is excluded from the mix that they receive. So somehow there must exist a separately mixed stream for every user.
It should not be very difficult to exclude additional users, for each mix.

@Martin_KalchgruberYes. It's the glaring error in the 'Everyone gets the same audio stream' argument. But, however, that is exactly the argument that we get. It's almost as if they are deliberately not allowing muting individually, unless something they did to mute your own audio has tied them in knots and they can't see a way out of it without putting some effort in.

This kind of echo could even be detected automatically as it is recorded by our microphones.
Maybe they don't like the aspect of controlling the mute from the receiving end of the stream.
One could simply invert this and have the person with the microphone select, to whom they want to send their audio stream.
If the audio streams would be sent in peer to peer fashion I think, that this echo would not even be recognizable and maybe there would not even be a need for this mute functionality.

@Tony_Platts This should be submitted to the Teams feedback portal and everyone here on this thread should vote for it. ;^)  Microsoft looks there rather than here in the community threads for what they are going to implement next. 

Yes, I've made a comment about it there as 'me at work' already. Maybe I'll also comment as 'me not at work right now' as well! :)
If everyone could serch for the text of the subject of this thread and vote. If you sort the result of the search by number of votes you can hit the biggest vote numbers first. There are a lot of requests for this feature.