Allow muting a person only for me

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Sometimes I am in a meeting where one of the persons in the meeting is actually near me in the world outside the screen. In this case the sound is a bit maddening since there is a small delay between the sound from the person and the sound through the teams interface. In these cases, I would like to mute the person only for me since I am sitting near and can hear the person fine without headphones. Right now I need to takeoff headphones when the person is talking and putting it back as the person finishes talking.

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If you are in a community space, the best thing is to wear headsets, so that you don't bother your neighbors or go to a conference room where you can both join the call together.

It's not always possible to go to a conference room if they are already booked or you are in a shared workspace. So it would be pretty useful to be able to mute a specific participant.

This is a feature which I see will be more useful as parts of the workforce start returning to the office and parts continue working remotely. People in the office will always be using their desk stations to join Teams meetings due to the need for sharing personal work content, often with other office people mixed with remote people so the effect of hearing office voices both live and through Teams will become more of an annoyance.

I also imagine that the way Teams takes multiple input streams of audio and video and combines them into a single stream of mixed audio and video to multiple participants is the main stumbling block to implementing this feature. It would need the Teams server to also have the ability to customise the mixed audio output stream for each participant, so instead of a single mixed stream there would potentially be as many output streams as there are participants in the Teams meeting.

Regardless, it would be an awesome feature enhancement if Microsoft could get it working.

This would be an excellent feature. Not just if someone is near me but I use teams with INTL people and some people don't know English, while this is currently the only language that I understand, it would be handy to mute those individuals so I can focus on those that I understand.

This needed to be implemented years ago like it was for Discord/Zoom/Teamspeak. How is Teams so far behind other voice/video chat that they don't have this feature implemented?
yes please implement this. i desperately need this, as im in meetings every day with mixed team (local/remote) and i hear the local ppl twice with a delay. drives me crazy.

I also can used this feature.

@Nathan892855 Please use the feedback portal to tell Microsoft that you want this feature and how valuable it would be to you.


Allow users to mute individuals but just from our point of view · Community (


To explain why it's currently not possible there is a single audio feed that is pre-mixed, it's not something that happens in your client. 



just to say: you direct comparative companies called steam/discord/teamspeak DOES provide that feature ;)

I also will try to make a change request under your given page.


@pebersbach I'll disagree that Steam and Teams are comparable services. In gaming solutions you generally mute for yourself only to avoid that annoying other player.


Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, WebEx all work like Teams today, mute is possible but for all.


Anyway, if enough people want a feature through voting for an idea it'll get on the list to be built, no reason Teams can't be different to others. 

I wanted to specify, that I am also concerned with the linux client (just in case people think we also have amazing ears capable of filtering sounds from various canals like physical, apps, ...).

It is a troll reply to beg you not to forget other team-clients

@er008; @peterrrattew@KLeDematicAU ; @Mad-Duke ; @JacobtheAdmin ; @brianelete ; @Nathan892855 ; @pebersbach :


We must save a link to this page in a text file on our notebooks and every time someone complains about it in our meetings, we can post in the meeting chat this ticket and tell them we must make our request visible and that they should come here to vote.


If some of your correspondents are linux users, remember them to EXPLICITLY specify it here: I am bored to wait 2 years after the windows client (because we are supposed to be a small community) and it would be nice to do it every where from the beginning: let forget our differences !

headphones, as a hardware solution, is not what OP asked for, they clearly asked for software solution

even if wearing headsets, the non electronic audio and subsequent electronic audio some milliseconds later is wildly annoying and distracting


I agree!  This is an important feature for my office environment, and it is technically feasible ... sort of

Instead of muting a single speaker, the speaker identification function (the one that puts a colored ring around the active speaker) could be used to mute all audio on the local machine every time all of the currently active speakers have been "muted."  This way there is no need to send multiple audio streams to each attendee, and the local machine does not need to mix audio. 
There may be some software development effort required to make the speaker identification function more responsive and keep it synchronized with the audio stream, and muting won't work when there are both muted and unmuted speakers at the same time, but I think it would serve the purpose well.

@Kent_Austin But how would that work when multiple people are speaking at the same time with one being remote along one in the office ? You would then not be able to hear the remote person's conversation because the whole audio stream has been muted just to block out the person speaking in the office.

It's pretty bush league that Teams still doesn't allow this. If a bunch of us are in a meeting, some remotely and some in the office, and someone is talking 5 feet from me, hearing them 1/5 of a second apart in reality and in my headset is very annoying.

There's a 'mute participant" option but it mutes the person for everyone else instead of just for me.

Even with headsets, if some users are remote and others are sitting a few feet from you, you'll hear them both in person AND through your headset, which is highly unsatisfactory. Other voice chat programs figured this out years ago.

+1 for this feature