Allow members of security group to bypass meeting lobby/become presenters

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Hi all, I'm the sysadmin for a small non-profit. I'd like to admit people in the organisation that are in a certain security group into Teams meetings automatically, and also make them presenters when they join. Is there any way to do this?

I've tried setting up a policy for this security group, with the settings as below, but this seems to set the default for any meetings created by anyone in the security group and allows everyone to bypass the lobby, rather than just those within the security group.



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Now way to specify a group when configuring policies, afaik. Some of the per-meeting options can be configured with specific people, but this does not include the "automatically admin people" setting.
Hello, you should consider using the lobby setting "People I invite" instead while also setting the presenter role "Specific people" beforehand. The downside being they must be added individually.
Thanks for your reply! I’m aware of these options but was hoping for an automatic solution rather than having to do this setup for every single meeting.