Allow just a group of Users to create Teams

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Hi guys,


can someone simply explain me how to allow just a group of users to create teams? I want to restrict creating teams for everyone except for some users, who are in administration.


Is there something simple to proceed with my topic?





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@5even Hello! The ability to create new Teams isn't specific to Teams, rather it's tied to the ability/permission to create Microsoft 365 Groups - which are used by many tenant apps/services in addition to Teams. There are several steps to take to limit the creation of new Teams to a particular subset of users including:

1) create a group for users who will be enabled/allowed to create new Teams - add the specified users to the newly-created group

2) run a script to set the "GroupCreationAllowedGroupId" to the newly-created group (rather than all users, as it generally is by default)


There's a nice article about the exact steps required here:

Manage who can create Microsoft 365 Groups | Microsoft Learn


We made this change early on - in a large organization "Teams sprawl" can become a challenge...