Allow Camera For Attendees - Something went wrong

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After creating a Webinar meeting where people need to register, I want to change the options to allow camera for attendees. I can change any option on that page and save it successfully, but when I turn this one on, I get the error message: Something went wrong. Try again.


If I join the meeting on Teams and try and change the options there, I get the same error

Any thoughts as to why?

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An update: You can allow mic for attendees OR camera, but never both. This has got to be a bug. Is anyone else having this problem?

We have the same problem :sad: In normal meetings you can save the options, but in webinars when you select microphone and camera at the same time you get the error message "something went wrong.Try again, is displayed. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
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I am having this same issue. I can only select either Mic or Camera on, it can't be both at the same time. Toggling the one off and one on allowed me to save the settings.
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I put in a support ticket as this is obviously a bug. MS has been working on a fix and last I checked they said it had been repaired but will take a while before it is uploaded to our tenant. I asked what "a while" is but have not heard back.
I just checked again and it is working for me now. They also added a "record automatically option". If you don't see that, the fix may not have uploaded to your tenant.
I do see the option to record meetings automatically, but maybe the updates weren't implemented at the same time. I submitted a ticket on this issue as well. Thanks for your help!