Allow attendees to set their Name to be displayed in a Teams meeting on joining the meeting

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People joining a Teams meeting using a browser are asked on joining to enter their name. This is then used as their display name in the Teams meeting. However, attendees who use the Teams application do not get the option to set their name when joining the meeting, instead they have to either log in to their Microsoft account and edit their profile or ask their IT department to do this. Both of these options become overly complex and tedious if the name needs to be changed from meeting to meeting. 

I have come across situations where online discussions in Teams requires people to use their display name to indicate their position / team / side. the only way to achieve this is to get everyone to use the browser rather than the Teams app but of course clicking on the invite link automatically opens the app if they have it. 

Can Microsoft provide a means for attendees using the app to set their display name for the specific meeting they are in maybe reverting to the standard display name (Default) when they leave the meeting. 

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Hello, people who join anonymously get the option to type in whatever name they like. It doesn't happen when people are signed in either on the web or in the desktop app. I'm pretty sure this feature isn't going to get implemented for signed in users but if you'd like you can always enter a request at Teams UserVoice