Allow anonymous users to join meetings - Live ID

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related to our security we would like to turn off the settings "Allow anonymous users to join meetings" ( We want to avoid situation that anyone can join the meeting. But as we tested it, also people with Live ID are not able to join the meeting. Does Live ID mean "anonymous user"? He has an account and he can join the meeting with some identity / credentials. So only people with O365 account are not anonymous or how to understand it?




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They need a Teams account to join then, so you could invite them as guests and then they should be able to join the meeting.

When you turn off the setting "Allow anonymous users to join meetings," it will prevent users who do not have a Microsoft account from joining your meetings. However, it will not prevent Live ID users from joining.

If you want to prevent all users from joining your meetings, you will need to turn off the setting "Allow guests to join meetings" as well. This will prevent both anonymous users and Live ID users from joining your meetings.

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